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UX/UI Design

Team Members: Red Minoza, Pablo Cuellar

Role: Project Co-Lead, Co-Designer

Timeline: ~3 weeks



A tool to help maintain a sustainable lifestyle

Residents of Los Angeles need an efficient way to know and sort if an item is recyclable or not because they find the sorting process often inconvenient. They also need a way to be able to locate recycling centers near the area and know which ones accept what kind of recyclable material.



out of 50 people agree that they recycle often.


out of 50 people strongly agree that recycling should be mandatory.


out of 50 people agree that they see recyclable materials in normal trash bins.


ReLife, an app for a sustainable lifestyle

We believe that by creating an app that allows residents of Los Angeles to categorize items prior to recycling them in real life, we will lessen the chances of recycling contamination. We will know this to be true when we see residents of Los Angeles use our app on a regular basis.



“I'm so busy that sometimes I cut corners when categorizing items in my place."

Sabrina, 19

Sabrina is a student renting a small apartment in Los Angeles. She is often not at home as she is at school and at work most times, that is why she hasn’t been very particular with recycling.


  • Needs a tool that categorizes items before putting them up for recycling

  • Needs a non time consuming way to sort items according to their appropriate waste classification

Pain Points

  • Forgets which bin the items belong

  • Very busy, unable to sort out items on time before pick up schedule


“I wish I knew which recycling stations take what kind of materials.”

Jack, 22

Jack is a full-time student that collects recyclable materials to make a little extra money and to help out the environment. He often struggles with knowing what stations nearby accept certain recyclables.


  • Sometimes doesn’t know which materials are recyclable or not

  • Doesn’t know which nearby stations take certain recyclables


  • A way of finding out which nearby recycling locations accept certain recyclables

User Flow

The main feature is providing users, especially those who are unfamiliar yet want to convert to a sustainable lifestyle, an easy tool to categorize items on which type of recyclable category they belong to in order to avoid recycling contamination. A recycling center locator is also incorporated in order to help users know where to take their items if they need so, which is always helpful.

Style Tile

Teal and green are great colors that represent sustainability well, so I incorporated that. I made sure that the app can be described as fresh, organized, modern, minimal, and chill. Keeping a unique headline font will add personality to our app, as well as making sure that there is clear legibility, hence, using a simple sans serif font for the body copy.








Mid-Fi Wireframes

The design was kept minimal and organized, as the highlight of the app is categorization for people who need help sorting their household items when recycling. The rounded corners of the frames are intentionally made to look friendly and modern, and overall the aim is to make the design neat and easy to look at.